Goofy Stuff – A Little Levity 

The Camino is tough, but it isn’t all ‘work’ and drudgery. We captured a few fun or goofy moments! 

Look, they put some fans there to keep us cool on our Camino!

Irrigation canal – Would make a great lazy river!

Not a good sign. Apparently we are going too slow, so I think we should be walking a little faster!

This one needs no explanation.

There’s always one who has got to stand out in the crowd.

Hot day, so nice to cool off. Good thing they were pulling from the creek and not a lagoon.

I don’t think the little Dutch boy has enough fingers.

Hey, maybe we are in Kansas! Now Diane just needs those ruby slippers.

There was even an alien on the Camino. Unfortunately I only got a picture of his shadow.

Crap! Our bottles are empty!

Early one morning, this horse greeted us on the trail. We could have used him this day to climb those mountains.

I thought Big Bird was yellow! These birds were about three to four feet tall and often built their nests atop church steeples.

Don’t think I’ll play poker with this dude!

I think I hear Julie singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music”.

There really is a light at the end of the tunnel! (Sometimes what you were wondering on some of those long days.)


People told us using walking sticks were helpful. Frankly, it didn’t seem to help, plus they were terribly heavy!


What time is it when the clock says 13:17? Time to get a new clock!!

you have lots of time to think, I also come up with some ‘Far Side’ ideas/humor (keep in mind what’s in a name).
Because of the

Hey dude, you really need to pick up the pace if you want to make it to Santiago this year!!

I am really jealous of Millie – if her feet get tired, she simply alternates picking up a couple of feet and still keeps moving.

extensive walking, one looks down at the trail – to make sure you don’t twist an ankle or something. Of course you see all the little critters – and there

Harriate insisted on walking the Camino in high fashion!

Bruno was determined to finish the Camino even though he’d been run over by a MAC truck – or was that a pilgrim?

Come on guys, break up the fight. It’s a long way to Santiago, so you need to get along.

Good grief Tommy, you really brought your patio umbrella on the Camino?

George I told you we should bring separate backpacks instead of trying to put everything into one.

were ants crossing the trails rather frequently.  Unfortunately the pictures (especially the ants) don’t show very well what was taking place – so look carefully – it might help; or use your imagination like I did.  Two pictures didn’t work – the one of a whole trail of ants (showing how crowded the Camino can get) and another of a lonely ant (which portrays how alone one can feel at times).  The ants and the pilgrims on the Camino have a lot in common. So here’s to the ants and all the other critters for giving me ‘material’ to work with. 
No, I haven’t lost it – at least no more than I already had!


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