Finisterre – the end of the world!

Some pilgrims make the extra four day trek west from Santiago to Finisterre – originally considered the end of the world (the western most point of land as they knew it way back when). We had an extra day so we, like many others, decided to take a bus there, and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and its views. In fact, Irena, who hiked with us for about six days two weeks earlier, and Joseph and Andro (who we had been hiking with the last week) made the same trip.  So it was especially good to see Irena again.

The weather had been awesome for us the past two weeks, so we packed our sandals and sunscreen. There was fog, which was not unusual in the mornings, as we started for the fifty mile trip but it only got thicker as we progressed. Probably twenty miles of the drive was in and out along the coast. I’m sure it would have been a beautiful drive, but we couldn’t see much. 

When we got to Finisterre, we learned that we had about a mile and a half hike out to the lighthouse. That was doable. As we got started, the fog thickened more and it began misting (a very light shower). We reached the lighthouse pretty much wet, and we could only see about two hundred feet in front of us as the fog was as thick as pea soup. Oh, and it was very cool! The ocean was almost eight hundred feet down at that point. We could hear some waves, but you couldn’t see anything!

But hey, we made it to the end of the world!

We laughed at our misfortune. But that wasn’t the end of it – the bus company changed the pickup location that very afternoon – so about twenty of us missed our bus to return to Santiago. We had to wait another almost two hours for the next bus. Gotta love public transportation. 

This posting was supposed to be filled with beautiful pictures. Sorry, this is all I got!


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