Signs of the Camino

It is really quite impressive the many markings, signs and postings that guide the pilgrims along the various Camino routes. Without them, one would quickly become lost. Occasionally a sign might get removed or be worn off, or we might miss one. When this happens, you might have to backtrack or simply ask someone. “Camino?”). All the locals know the route in their particular community or area.
The most universal sign is the yellow arrow. The next most common symbol is the sea shell. Sometimes trying to find the yellow arrows can be like a treasure hunt. They might be painted on a curb, the sidewalk, a rock on the trail, the back of a sign, on the pole of the sign, on a building – well, you get the picture. The sea shells might be on a sign, set on or in the pavement, or even incorporated into the street or sidewalk. 


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