The Faces of the Camino 

It is incredible the number of people you meet from all over the world! I really believe this is one of the real highlights of the Camino. So much comradery even when it was challenging to communicate. Even though we come from everywhere, we are really pretty much the same. And it is refreshing to share a common goal – and feel very comfortable throughout the journey. With the exception of the last couple of days when the numbers of people increased dramatically, we felt very safe, at ease, and trusting of simply everyone!
There was Stephania from Italy, Alan and Greg from France, Agnes from Hungary (who you’ve heard about

Agnes was the first to walk with us, for a week. Having previously walked the Camino, her knowledge, help and friendship was greatly appreciated. We had hoped to connect again toward the end, but timing didn’t work.

Irena was a great companion for almost a week. We had the good fortune to spend another day with her when we went by bus to Finisterre. Is it any coincidence that Diane’s godmother is Irene? 😉

Joseph and Andrew (father and son) walked periodically with us over the last ten days or so. We enjoyed their company and learning about their families and Croatia. We are grateful for their help in reserving albergues the final days.

Our hero! I wrote about him on a previous posting – his physical challenge did not deter him, and he finished the same day as we did. By chance he was next to us in the Cathedral! simply amazing!

Luciano was returning to Torino, Italy after having completed the Camino from Torino – round trip, about 1,320 miles!

in several blogs), Guillermo and Maria (albergue hosts from Spain), Leo from China, Maximo from Spain, Christina (who helped us find water in one of the small towns) from Spain, Javier from Spain, Anna from Belgium, Koji from Japan, two from Taiwan, one from Korea, one from Sweden, Philip from France, our first American from New Mexico (I forgot to write down her name), Andria Vivian and Elizabeth from Hungary, Barry from Ireland, Damian from France, Orla from England, Irena (who you’ve heard about in several blogs) from Slovenia, Garth from Canada, Chris from Australia, Marketa from the Chech Republic, Laura from Quebec, Rodney from Australia, Tia from Denmark, Paul from Chicago (who is studying to interpret ancient languages), Mary (12) and Marina (7) who gave us a tour of the church in Rabe, Miguel (and his wife) from Italy, Palrik from Ireland (who teaches Gaelic), Lance from Australia, Harold (Carlos?) from Maine, Sister Lucia, Gregud from Germany, Joseph and Andrew from Croatia, Donald from Ohio, Klaudia from Slovenia, Giovanni from Italy, Enrique from El Salvador, Kelly from Florida, Keoki from Japan, Robert from Holland, Shene from Northern Ireland, Valeria from Italy, Kim from Korea, Vincenchu from Italy, Cathie from California, Richard from Germany, Luciano from Italy, Lisa from Switzerland, Alan from Scotland, Jyhun from Korea, Dave from Scotland, Father Paty from Ireland, and Riki from Bulgaria.   I know that is quite a list of people – and we met many more in passing.

And I didn’t get pictures of everyone I should have!
The largest groups of people came from Spain, Italy and France, in that order. But you can see the variety from the above. This is simply my best guess, but I’d say that Americans made up maybe two percent of the people on the Camino!  

Before leaving Santiago, we attended an English speaking Mass.  Father Paty blessed again the items we brought.    In his homily he summed it up well.  Having just finished the Portuguese Camino himself, he noted that if anyone has any doubt about the good in people, they need to do a Camino themselves!
We made some friendships that perhaps will encourage us to travel to other countries some day!


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