Please bear with my first attempt at blogging. I am no doubt better with numbers than I am with writing. In particular, I’m pretty slow in composing my thoughts.
In a spiritual sense, we are ‘bringing along’ a number of our friends and family on our pilgrimage this summer. So, my reason for starting this blog is to share our experiences of this faith-oriented journey with those friends and family, and anyone else who might be interested. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures that you might enjoy too (that’s not our strong suit either).
About the picture on the Home page – I often stare up at the heavens, especially on a cool, clear, cloudless night and am in awe of God’s creation! How beautiful! How complex!   Borrowing from a line from Curt Iles’s book, Stories from the Creekbank: “But even more amazing than the vast number of stars is the fact that out of billions of people, He still has time to direct my steps—one step at a time.”
(That took me almost 45 minutes to write!) 😉