Who needs a Fit Bit?

A couple of months before we left to go on the Camino, we won a Fit Bit at NVCH’s open house! It seemed like we were really busy leading up to our trip, not being very tech oriented, and not wanting to bring anything ‘extra’, we decided not to bring it. Anyway, I can do the math, right!!
So we’re walking roughly 525 miles. The average person takes approximately 2,000 steps per mile. (During our pre-trip walks, I determined I took about 1,900 steps per mile, and Diane took about 15 percent more than I – so about 2,185 per mile. 
Now I would estimate that we took easily 15 percent more steps for all the extra stuff (touring churches, getting food, etc.) and 20 percent more because of going up hills and being tired (I.e. taking smaller steps).
So take 2,000 times 525, plus 15 percent, plus another 20 percent, and you have 1,417,500 steps! That’s almost one and a half MILLION steps!!!!! I think it would have been easier to have worn the Fit Bit!
Makes me tired thinking about all those steps. Think I’ll take a nap now!


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