Leon to Astorga

img_1076Leon is another large city. East of Leon were a couple of rivers, and in between them, were several miles of ‘bottom land’. Corn and alfalfa were planted across this expanse. It was all irrigated via canals, concrete conduits and sprinklers. This was the first somewhat extensive farming (as we know it) that I observed. 

The Cathedral in Leon is another Gothic church. It was built after the Cathedral in Burgos (like 13th or 14th century – still old) and incorporated fairly extensive stained glass windows (unlike that of Burgos). We did not tour the Cathedral, so do not have pictures except from a side chapel where we attended Saturday evening Mass. We stayed at an albergue connected with the Benedictine

I thought this a different and quite realistic depiction of Mary holding Jesus. In the chapel where we attended Mass.

convent in Leon, and received a pilgrim’s blessing late that evening. The patron saint of farmers, Saint Isidore, is buried in a church in Leon that bears his name. Being a farming community, our ancestors made sure we had a statue of Saint Isidore in our church, Saint Mary’s, in St. Benedict. It was early morning when we went by, and too dark, so no pics there either.
It took us a good hour to walk into Leon and another good hour to walk out of it. All the streets and turns are well marked, but you still have to keep your eyes open, not only for the markings but also the traffic. At least, leaving early in the morning one avoids much of the traffic – not so coming in.
About ten miles west of Leon, and again as we approached Astorga, there are a couple of other areas of irrigated crops. Again there were wheat patches that they were still in the process of harvesting, or not.  And again using only a dump wagon to haul the grain away. ??
Oh, the weather over the past several days has been great!  Mornings are cool (low 50’s); highs are low 80’s; and the humidity low.

Btw, we are now two thirds complete on the Camino!! But we’re reminded it’s not in the bag yet! We find that new aches and pains (primarily in our feet and ankles) keep popping up every few days – and now Diane’s knee is starting to bother her. I can’t help but think where we’d be if it weren’t for all your prayers! Thank you so much!!

After Astorga we start heading for the mountains.


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