The Halfway Point!!!

We’ve been walking seventeen days now. Distance wise, I think we’ve reached the half way point. Days wise, it’s eighteen more days of walking. Our goal is to be in Santiago on August 4th.  
This was a really tough day! We started early again and immediately had a steep climb. (Stay tuned for The Little Blue Engine.) We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. But we also shortly had a steep descent, so our feet got stressed early on. And then the next fifteen plus miles were in full sun and the day kept getting hotter. Arrived at Fromista around 1:00 and our feet were really sore. The temperature reached the mid 90’s and it didn’t cool down that night like it usually does. The albergues don’t have air conditioning, but typically the nights get down in the sixties or even fifties. It was hard to get good sleep that night. Tomorrow was forecast to be in the low nineties, so warm again!
The routine can get pretty monotonous, especially on hot days and when your feet and body ache. On the one hand you think – we’re ONLY half way! Then you think – it’s down hill from here right?!      Mind games.
Just offer it up!


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