The morning previous to the ‘slumber party ‘ we began the day with a new walking partner – Irene, from Slovenia. It was good to share time and conversation with someone when you walked roughly the same speed. I had mentioned previously that we often stopped for the night before a climb in the morning. One morning we climbed about 660 feet over a little less than two miles – a pretty steep climb! The weather that morning was changed. The temperature was in the low 50’s, with a wind at our backs, and a very light mist/fog (probably very low clouds on the hill). So it was cold! Much of this walk was through pine forests. There was an usual ‘memorial’ that Camino walkers erected along the route. We noted this was something that occurred impromptu a few times along the Camino so far. Being a pine forest, there was a logger already working early that morning. I stopped for a bit and watched him. Pretty cool machine!

In between two significant hills is the town of Altapuerca. According to our guidebook, our earliest ancestors lived here in prehistoric caves.  The archaeological dig is on-going and the latest analysis points to human activity going back 1.2 million years. Now that’s really, really old!  We didn’t stop to help dig. 

We noticed that the weather varied some – kind of like in Kansas, but with no rain. (But wait, that’s like Kansas too – at least right now, huh?)
The terrain varied quite a bit for several days. A fair amount of up and down, and some very crazy rocky ground. It could be quite difficult walking on at times. Not too good if you have bad ankles!     At the end of that day, we were given a grand vista on our way down the hill/mountain. 


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