Cathedral in Burgos 

On our 15th day, we entered Burgos, a city of about 180,000. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is located there. What an impressive cathedral! We took a self guided audio tour (in English!). Wow, so much history! The original church/cathedral was built in like 1035. The present

The Arch of Santa Marie (leading to the cathedral)

cathedral (albeit with modifications over the centuries) was built roughly around 1225. 
We are proud of the beauty and history of our church, St. Mary’s, (and rightly so). But our church is practically ‘modern’ with perspective to a church/cathedral like Santa Maria, which is approaching 900 years old! This was the first cathedral to incorporate the Gothic style, which was very popular in other parts of Europe (particularly Germany and France. There are so many side chapels that each had their own history!  The cathedral is designated a World Heritage Site.
We enjoyed our visit but we also wanted to get to our destination, which was outside the city. We always enjoyed the slower pace and quietness of the smaller communities. 


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